Monday, April 16th 2007

Top 10 Weird Game Controllers

Most of us natively play our games with a keyboard and mouse - or a gamepad, if you are the owner of a console. There are games that profit greatly from a special controller - I myself couldn't imagine any serious racing games that could be played without a steering wheel. But what about other controllers? How about a control glove, or perhaps a chainsaw, that will definitely make you feel "in the game"?

New launches has a compilation of the Top 10 weird game controllers. For some interesting game controllers, click here.

Source: New Launches
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Bird of Prey
the Nintendo Powerglove was awesome. So was the Powerpad. I loved those two controllers.
Has anyone tried hold the old rectangular controllers of yore? They absolutely cramp, hurt and tear your hands up.
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A student in the tech department at my school few years back designed a gaming platform that you just stand on and lean to go in that direction. It was like...hooked up to the axis of a joypad analogue stick.

Is that 3rd Picture seriously a controller?
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Thank god Sony didn't go ahead with that bananarama controller. Now that would have stopped it selling.
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I want the thing in the third picture so badly. Except for the fact that it costs $35,000!
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Looks like some sort of torture device in the third one imo :confused:
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