Monday, April 16th 2007

Samsung shows off Concept PCs

Samsung has decided to let its designers get a little more creative than normal, which has led to the fabrication of these rather unusual concept PCs. Although they are unlikely to ever make their way onto the market, they’re still quite interesting to look at as Samsung tries to offer a brief glimpse into the future of computing, and what it might look like. The first looks somewhat like a bent witch’s hat, the second almost resembles a lamp with a pull cord on it, and the third seems to have some bizarre balls perched on top. All of them are obviously sporting the stylish Core 2 Duo sticker – but other than that, specifications are a mystery.

Update: It turns out these concepts are actually the result of a Samsung and Intel PC design contest - the design with the 'balls' (which are supposedly a media player, a disk drive and a digital camera) came first, the tall lamp came second and the other finished third (it has a built in projector instead of a monitor).Source: Engadget and via SCI FI Tech
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9 Comments on Samsung shows off Concept PCs

id like to see how they would market such crazy designs as those
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a concept computer using the dinovo keyboard? kinda lost originality there...
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creative design, good to be part of decorative product... but the performance still we doesnt know yet!
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When they say concept does that mean it has to be work?
I like the projector comp though it looks hard to type on. I could see it used in museum or theme parks for self guided tours since it's sealed and looks easy to mount.
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Bird of Prey
??????????????????????????????? OMG no way these are pcs. I mean, seriously, would anyone buy these?
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Just stop dissing them and admire the creativity...

I swear you guys are never just content with something, always gotta find a downside.
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Wile E
Power User
I like them. Especially the idea of a computer with a built in projector.

I also like the one with "balls" (<--funny no matter how many times I read/say it :roll:) Think of it as a computer and a monitor stand in one.
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