Wednesday, April 18th 2007

'World in Conflict' Preview at Shacknews

Have you ever played 'Ground Control', the game made by Massive Entertainment from Sweden? I didn't but the interview with Massive's lead game designer Magnus Jansén over at Shacknews immediately made me drool over the upcoming sequel 'World in Conflict'. This real time strategy game won't take place in the science-fictional past-third-world-war setting as the former Ground Control games, instead the cold war in the 1980's is the battleground now.
"If you have war where tanks roll over white picket fences and BMX bikes, it's not just some desert town that's getting destroyed that you can't relate to. You say, 'That's a swing set on fire, I fully grasp the power of this event.' Putting it in the middle of familiar environments immediately gives people a sense of the power and the horror of the war."
Massive adds a lot of really cool features to enhance the visual storytelling effects, for instance if you zoom in on a map really close to your troops you will suddenly pick up the radio transmissions between the units.
The game itself is comprised of three parts, one taking place in the US, the second in the European region and the third place wasn't disclosed yet.
As Jansén says the relationship to the publisher Vivendi is exceptionally good, the funding is there and even patience, it sounds like 'World in Conflict' could easily be one of the best games released in 2007 (this fall, for PC only). Just take a look at the screens and of course the rest of the interview and you will realize it yourself.

Source: Shacknews
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6 Comments on 'World in Conflict' Preview at Shacknews

the stills look superb, hopefully it plays well
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so is it like Ground Control but with the cold war? cause i love Ground Control
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Bird of Prey
I never played ground control, but this game looks awesome. The fact its familiar territory (like CoH and other RTS games)
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Graphical Hacker
Game looks pretty cool, but graphics are just a tad cubic.
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Recommended specs: 8800GTX SLi, but I bet at least it ain't gonna like my X850XT a single bit, along with stock clocked p.o.s CPU.

I'll stick to Company of Heroes for now..
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Hey i have GTX and a conroe... i'll stick with CoH too :D cant wait for that DX10 patch.
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