Monday, April 30th 2007

MotorStorm tune-up in May

Community team coordinator on the European MotorStorm forums, "Lestrade" writes that an update for the game will be coming "in the next couple of weeks." The update will be free and is required to play the game online.

The patch, which bumps up the game to version 1.2, will address several issues, including a bug that allowed racers to exploit the boost, an increase in the size of the buddy list, better online performance, audio issues, and more.Source: GameSpot
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Whatever happened to the days of a console game being released, and thats it. No chance to patch or tweak it in any way.

In some ways, I think the flaws of older games are what have made them unique and memorable to us now.

Getting on top of Halo maps, anyone?
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Wile E
Power User
wazzledoozle said:
Getting on top of Halo maps, anyone?
Hahahaha! Comes in handy in Team Sniper matches.
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Bird of Prey
Is this that jet racing game or atv racing game?
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