Tuesday, July 3rd 2007

'Show us the code' project supposedly silenced by Microsoft

Back in February, a blogger who went by the alias "DigDuality" got fed up with Microsoft's accusations of the open source community. And so, from work, he started a website that challenged Microsoft to find any IP violations *nix was making. May came, May went, and the website became about as active as an exhausted gold mine. Now, a few days into July, "DigDuality" has returned to his blog. He claims that Microsoft traced the website to DD's company, and that Microsoft threatened his company. The company, according to DD, then proceeded to give DD a choice: he could either keep the website running, or keep his job. DD preferred the latter, and so, the website has remained inactive for quite some time. DD refused to name the company that told DD to hold his tongue.Source: The Inquirer
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11 Comments on 'Show us the code' project supposedly silenced by Microsoft

WOW!! This is some serious shit. If this is true then damn....even Microsoft??
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DigDuality was dragged into his manager's office said:
[voice=homer] mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Open Sauce Campaign [/homer] :laugh:
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Bird of Prey
What else would you expect from Microshaft.
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Heedless Psychic
Microsoft has no rights to silence opinion and fact, nomatter how much they may like to think they do. I would of simply moved the site, and told Microsoft to go shaft themselves.
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Señor Moderator
This news isn't an invitation to flame Microsoft. Just so you guys know.
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Business is business, as usual.
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This just sounds like some linux fanboy's fantasy story.
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Wile E
Power User
Benpi said:
This just sounds like some linux fanboy's fantasy story.
That's the vibe I get from it, as well.
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Ultimately, it doesn't matter, since Linus pretty much echoed the same sentiments, i.e. "Show us the patents or shut the .... up. If we're infringing, we'll write around your stupid, trivial patents". Not in his words mind, but to that effect. This just shows how much he thinks of the claims, as usually he just shuts up so long as everything's easy for him - he's no political personality.

All Microsoft has done here is bought their resistance free publicity.
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Oh, it's okay guys, this is just capitalism at work and Microsoft is a company and they have the moral right to do anything they want about their product.
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Senior Monkey Moderator
I have a hard time believing that Microsoft would even waste their time with something this trivial.

It's more likely that the company found out he was using their equipment for non work related activities and told him to knock it off or lose his job.

I, of course, could be wrong.
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