Wednesday, July 4th 2007

Creative Sells ALchemy Audigy Edition at $9.99

It seems that Creative Labs is now selling ALchemy Audigy Edition for $9.99 (USD). As you may know the ALchemy project enables DirectSound3D audio to be processed by your Sound Blaster Audigy and deliver EAX effects in Microsoft Windows Vista. Without Creative ALchemy, most DirectSound games running in Vista will be reduced to stereo output without any EAX effects. This project is available freely for Creative X-Fi owners. For unknown reasons Creative Labs has decided to sell this wrapper to Audigy owners. Here's the link where you have to buy the software in order to use EAX effects in Vista with your "old" Creative Audigy Series/Audigy 2/Audigy 2 ZS/Audigy 2 ZS notebook or Audigy 4 sound blaster.

Source: NGOHQ
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37 Comments on Creative Sells ALchemy Audigy Edition at $9.99

von kain
another step to the day that we are gonna pay for newer drivers....

it's is on the back of theyr heads..............................

with a post it.........
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My stars went supernova
This is old news...
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This... is... retarded...
Oh well, not like people have to pay for the basic drivers but still stupid.
I guess you could reason that you don't necesarilly need to buy this. Not like it adds anything crucial anyhow.
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there is a cracked version available on the creative forums :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Mod:The fact that Creative allows cracked stuff on their forums doesn't mean we do.
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HAH! Hasn't been deleted yet either, so either it's showing how bad Creative's forum admins are, or else that they themselves think Creative is being stupid.
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Now they just need to fix the actual drivers.... my Audigy 2 is the reason I dont use vista. It sounds like shit!
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They're just trying to make you upgrade to an X-Fi I guess.
"Yes, we'll FORCE them, to get back the sound quality. Our plan will work! Wait a minute... sales are going down... hhmmmm"
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I hope no-one will buy this, as it's something that you should get for free. Now if you would get the cheapest Audigy along with that 10$, then it would be great. If no-one buys this or gets it somewhere else they don't get any idea to make more this sort of stuff. Like others said, this isn't far off from paying drivers.

Soon we'll have micro$oft selling Vista without DX10 and you have to buy it too to be able to game. Oh and it comes also without any network support, so you have to buy that too to get online play or basic internet..
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Bird of Prey
Im sorry this is just retarded though. Why do audigy owners pay why xfi folks are free.
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I'm the only one
i think its coz alchemy was a kinda fix for xfi/vista,they musta realized they can charge audigy users for it.
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Them SOB's! I spent good money on my retail/vanilla Audigy 2ZS, and they want to make me spend more money on a driver others can have for free? That's a heap of pooh, just as their Vista drivers have been. That's bad business practice imo. :confused:
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WarEagleAU said:
Im sorry this is just retarded though. Why do audigy owners pay why xfi folks are free.
Bend over, suckers.

This is why I've refrained from buying creative products.

Drivers suck, and now they want you to pay for their crappy drivers.
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But they make some damn good earbuds!

Yar, pirates sez drivers for all yar!
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boo yah! my x-fi kicks more ass every day!
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i'm all for pirating drivers... they sell these cards on shelves still (my audigy 4) and wont support shit for free - even if it was EAX 2.0 support for all audigys, that'd be nice for free
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you could always put winXP back and youll have a 100% supported card as intended ;)

you made the choice to support microsoft with vista and its butchered audio, so you have to take the shit that goes with it like paying for extended support of older hardware. Just because you support vista, doesnt mean creative has too ;)
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Wile E
Power User
wazzledoozle said:
Now they just need to fix the actual drivers.... my Audigy 2 is the reason I dont use vista. It sounds like shit!
Really? Mine sounds the same in Vista, even thru my monitors.
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Buying drivers?
Ive never heard of anything that tight assed...
They should (probably) be shot.
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von kain
just to know on something you still pay for some updates,and if you really read the eula on enything you buy you should know that they aren't fully commitend to support us..their customers..

p.s. usally we pay for drivers when we buy hardware they are the software....
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von kain said:

p.s. usally we pay for drivers when we buy hardware they are the software....
Yeah but its a package thing. You wouldnt buy something that you expect to work out of the box only to be told "if you want to keep your computer up to date (new OS) you need to pay us more."

They should feel an obligation to support the product in the interest of their customers without payment. It might not be necessary for them to do so, as it is not legally required of them, but its not a very "customer friendly" action.
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And then they ask why there`s so much software piracy
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They've really done it? xD

first time i heard, that they want money for ALchemy, I thought it was a bad joke. Now that they are actually SELLING it für 10 bucks I can't stop laughing - that's just ridiculous.
That's why i'm still on XP with my Audigy 4.

When Vista gets interessting for me, they maybe offer it for free or i have to "find a different way" ( ;) )
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