Tuesday, July 17th 2007

Motorola's Q2 Profit Drop To Affect AMD ?

Motorola Inc. on Wednesday warned of a Q2 loss and said it no longer expected its mobile phone business to be profitable this year, blaming weak sales in Asia and Europe.
The warning came at the end of a day when Motorola shares had risen as much as 3 percent on rumors that its chief executive, Ed Zander, could resign amid a campaign by an activist shareholder to oust him.

The main subject now all over the world is wether this drawback in Motorola's plans due to profit loss can negatively influence AMD. Main reason is that Motorola's most popular CellPhones the Razr as well as the V3i have ATI chips inside and latest news are that Motorola is cutting back on both cellphone production lines thus certainly cutting back on orders from AMD/ATi.
This month seems to be really tough on AMD/ATi....Source: Reuters / Assosiated Press
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4 Comments on Motorola's Q2 Profit Drop To Affect AMD ?

wow.. this info really rocked my day..

argh, not trying to be rude, but aint the main page posts for important stuff? not every tit bit of news?
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I consider a blow into AMDs financial state quite important especially since this is the second major blow in AMD this month....
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Bird of Prey
I dont think it will hinder them that much. Contracts are paid for, not individual pieces.
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I doubt motorolla will pay the same for lets say 50.000 units and the same for 100.000 units...
Either way i aint no specialist so ill wait and let time tell :)
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