Monday, July 23rd 2007

Wing Commander Arena for XBOX Live Arcade

Electronic Art's Wing Commander Arena will be available for purchase on Wednesday, July 25th via Microsoft's Live Arcade. The 3D remake of the space combat game will cost 800 Microsoft Points, or $10, and will feature 16 player online play, ship customization, 8 multiplayer maps and 4 styles of play. This is EA's second title to come to the XBOX Live Arcade. Source: Portal IT
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Easy Rhino
Linux Advocate
PC please?
that would be nice for 10 bucks!
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You have got to be kidding me, what a joke. :roll: I personally find making Wing Commander into an arcade game to be a colossal mistake. (I realize this is just my opinion but I remember especially WC3 and WC4 and I enjoyed them.) *Perhaps I am expecting to much out of EA which seems to be out of touch with us old time gamers.*

I watched the video and this is one person that will not be getting it. I am sorry but a rapier does not repair itself with stupid power ups. I would rather they make a real WC game, even the original WC Armada was better than this.

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Bird of Prey
Was wing commander 3 and 4 madE? damn, I totally didnt know that.
I played it first on my snes and I loved that game. Wing commander and wing commander the secret missions. First two I ever played Then I learn they are also on the pc. I think I tried one.

any links for reviews on those two mentioned above>?
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