Monday, July 30th 2007

Sony and Sky to Offer TV on PSP

Launching early next year, owners of the Playstation Portable (PSP) in the UK and Ireland will have access to Sky programing through a subscription or pay-per-view basis. A range of content will be made available to download either through a WiFi connection or through the PC. The joint venture between Sony and Sky is the first to bring video on demand to portable devices other than mobile phones. More details will be announced on August 22nd at the Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany.Source: vnunet
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~Technological Technocrat~
what a waste of time. as for that TV on your phone thing. I doubt anybody actually wastes their money or bothers with it at all.

guess I can finally say that SONY are so dissepointed with their own product that their trying to give it a new life as an entertainment center,

Its got games, Wi-Fi, Internet Browser, Music, TV tuner & now even a contract with sky so u can watch it on your PSP.... what next??? a water proof PSP u can take to the beach or swimming?
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Isn't this almost the same thing that happened in JAPAN with the PSP ?
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Easy Rhino
Linux Advocate
HellasVagabond said:
Isn't this almost the same thing that happened in JAPAN with the PSP ?
yea almost. japan got the tv attachment but it only works in japan. and sony hasnt signed any sort of video content deal with broadcasters there. this deal is the first of its kind.
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Bird of Prey
I know they have UMD movies for watching on the PSP but is the screen resolution, color reproduction and all that worth watching TV on a PSP much alone them movies?
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the problem with sony is they just dont understand what gamers what is a games console and not a games console/multimedia device as for Sky TV i hate that company with a passion, they have pretty much ruined sport in the UK with ridiculous TV deals, i could careless if Rupert Murdock's Sky TV went bust.
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~Technological Technocrat~
Next I bet Sony will team up with either Microsoft or the guys who make the Symbian O/S's for smart fones to come out with a completely new O/S for the PsP

& their adverts will go a lot like this....
PsP OSX (Or Symbian) - Revolutionising your PsP....
Great news for palm top freaks i guess.
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