Thursday, August 2nd 2007

Rockstar Appeals Ban of Manhunt 2

Back in mid-late June, the United Kingdom banned the possession and distribution of the game Manhunt 2. This lead to several events that were quite damaging to Manhunt 2's possible business, including an Adult Only rating in the United States and the ban of the game from consoles made by Sony and Nintendo. And so, in response to this, Rockstar was given the option to appeal, which they have finally decided to take advantage of. If Rockstar's appeal succeeds, then the ban (and possibly the Adult Only rating, as well) will be overturned.Source: 1Up
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14 Comments on Rockstar Appeals Ban of Manhunt 2

Eat, sleep, game!
Good for them! Its ridiculous that this game was BANNED! I want the option to choose what I can and cant see/play! :mad:

Maybe the Wii version, that you actually did 'stabbing' motions on, was a bit extreme. But a total console ban of the game is unfair to Rockstar and the consumer :(
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I can see how the Wii version would be a bit extreme as well. (even though the wii is for people with half a brain). I think Rockstar just has a bad rep after all the games they've made, which aren't even that violent IMO.
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From what I can tell, games like Grand Theft Auto aren't too bad if you actually stick to the campaign.

I remember having a lot of fun cruising through the streets in Vice City just chopping people up with chainsaws and sniping their heads off. That was pretty violent :laugh:.
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My stars went supernova
They themselves(Rockstar)said this game was sick to them and almost to much. It was a pet project not something they spent gold on like GTA.
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Bird of Prey
THey cant bitch when they make a game they know is gonna present problems.
I mean, what the hell were they thinking with this?
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Fight the power!
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I think banning something is wrong, but how far these people are willing to go?
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Maybe unfair to Rockstar and the 'consumer,' but maybe not unfair to society?
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I think the government(s) are wasting allot of time and money trying to ban games tbh.
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a111087 said:
I think banning something is wrong, but how far these people are willing to go?
Not to be a pain in the ass, but if you say "but" after something, then you don't really support whatever it is you're talking about.


"I support free speech, but I believe people shouldn't be allowed to criticize the president during wartime..."
"I support the free ownership of firearms, but not in the following places, etc..."
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So true but very random lol :toast:
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you are correct, what i was trying to say by "but how far these people are willing to go?"
is for what age are they going to lower the rating of the game?
I just don't think that parents would like kids to play this game

sorry, if that was confusing, I really don't care if this game gets banned or not, there always will be a way to get it
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Theres got to be somewhere where a line is drawn.

say for example we start seeing games emulating activities like paedophilia, torture and other sadistic activity, racism (imagine someone released a game about wiping out certain races or religions?).

How do we justify that certain crimes are acceptable for emulation and others not?
How can you justify that games about murder and rampage for fun (GTA) is the lesser evil next to a game about torturing another human for fun? How can you put a value on things like human life etc. It a political problem rather than a societal one imo.
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wow, good point ex_reven. First thing I've very much agreed with you on lol. Nicely worded too.
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