Sunday, August 12th 2007

There Are No Defective HD 2400/HD2600 Cards

A few weeks ago, a Digitimes report suggested that AMD had accidentally released a large quantity of broken HD 2400 and HD 2600 cards into the market. This created mass hysteria in the hardware world, and even sparked a mass recall from one manufacturer. However, after the dust settled, AMD and their partners did some investigating. What they found shows that the entire situation was overblown. ASUS representatives say that ASUS has not received a single broken HD 2400/ HD 2600 card. Gigabyte and MSI also have not received broken cards. Most engineers suspect that the idea of a defect/recall came from Acer, who ordered a large quantity of HD 2400 and HD 2600 graphics cards with UVD (Universal Video Decoder) disabled. When news of the UVD "problem" reached the market, the hardware world went hysterical, while Gigabyte, MSI, and ASUS all did internal testing to confirm no problems with the HD 2400 or HD 2600 series.

AMD engineers have a statement to cover the entire HD 2400/HD 2600 fiasco: "Any report claiming that defective HD 2600 and 2400 [cards] are recalled in the channel is completely untrue". Source: DailyTech
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4 Comments on There Are No Defective HD 2400/HD2600 Cards

Seany1212 said:
Nvidia fanboys? :wtf:

But its always good to hear some of the companies are looking out for our better interest when they had no evidence themselves to recall a bunch of product... Costs quite a bit of money to do that.
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Woo, and my 2600xt is working fine as well. Everything is right in the world :toast:
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Bird of Prey
Its just good the smoke has cleared and things are good. Im also happy that at least they did issue a recall for a problem that could have been there.
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