Wednesday, September 5th 2007

Apple Officially Unveils New Touch Screen iPOD

Building upon the success of its touch screen iPhone, Apple decided to implement the popular feature on the new iPod which was revealed today. The ability to surf the web wirelessly is also an addition to the updated gadget. The entire lineup is expanding for the holiday season with a new iPod Shuffle and a smaller iPod Nano, which can play video. The company also updated its video player, renaming the device iPod Classic. It will cost $249 or $349, depending on the amount of storage.Source: bloomberg
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[I.R.A]_FBi said:
bleh ...
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Glump Bliermp
It's cool, but only if you've never seen an iPhone. Why would I buy an iPhone with removed features, when I could just buy an iPhone? BTW the new colors of the iPod Classic and Nano suck (even tho black would prob be only color I'd have bought anyway).

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im buying it !!

ha, i like the web page viewing feature i had a zune and didnt like it much and this is way smaller
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Jesus -- I'm just full of shit today. First, I'm defending Microsoft; now, I'm actually getting excited by these new products from Apple.

I think I need to go play Quake III for about 6 hours straight. That'll set me right.
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Why would I pay 160-240 quid for a iPod, when I can use the web on my laptop or pc, play music on my Zen / Zen Vision M, Watch videos on my Zen / ZVM..

and for 45 GBP you can get a 4gb Zen and upgrade the memory to 20gb that plays video/music/fm tuner/pics etc etc, same features as the zvm, or i could get a 16GB for 150 GBP and upgrade the memory to 32 gb!

iPod's are WAY to over rated.

When will we see this thing then?

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Yea, I bought myself one of the 30 gig ipod videos half a year ago. I use it in the car and everywhere and I'm starting to straight up HATE it. My friend has a Zune, and I love that thing for the sake that it actually has buttons and not any of these "touch" stuff we're getting into now. Haha driving down the road trying to fool with that silly scroll wheel thing is ridiculous. Buttons FTW!
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Bird of Prey
I just think touch screens are nice on any CE, no matter where it comes from.
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Jesus, looking at the pictures for the traditional iPod and nano (not the iPod touch) on cnet and they look too fat...I think I like how the current nano looks.
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DanielF50 said:
Why would I pay 160-240 quid for a iPod, when I can use the web on my laptop or pc, play music on my Zen / Zen Vision M, Watch videos on my Zen / ZVM..
Not a fan of the Apple hype, but the point is having one device only.

The new nano looks like shit, liked the old sleek simplistic design.
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Looks great in my opinion... The guys over at Apple are doing a great job; doing everything Mr. Jobs tells them to lol... Anyway, once again great job Apple!
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here is the nano...

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Wile E
Power User
Exactly what I wanted Apple to release, an iPhone minus the phone part. Although I wish it had more storage. I'll stick with my 5.5gen 80GB for now.
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I think the iPod "classic" and the new nano are FUGLY! I have a current-gen nano in black and it's awesome. These are too rounded, they look like those squidgey stress-relief balls... The iPhone clone is nice though.
all are ugly except the i pod touch and im glad to see apple taking a technology stand point over most companies with mp3 payers...

if the zune wasnt so bulky and had a shit battery life i'd stay with it
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