Saturday, September 8th 2007

BioShock Patch Fixes Minor Issues and Causes Major Ones

Anyone who played BioShock last night on the Xbox360 got a seemingly pleasant surprise: there was a patch being installed that would fix some minor in-game issues. More specifically, it "improves stability on autosaves, fixes a bug where an AI will not utilize health stations properly, and fixes a music bug in the title menu". After the patch was applied however, gamers reported several instances of global freezing/glitching, sometimes as often as once every 30 seconds. A 2K Games representative assures us that 2K games is looking closely at the problem, and is working hard to resolve it.

Source: 1Up
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9 Comments on BioShock Patch Fixes Minor Issues and Causes Major Ones

Cheers for that m8 was about to return my xbox thinking it was about to die...
Was playing it last night and as said it stutted and froze all friggin night..:)
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How did they not pick up on this before release???
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Bird of Prey
fix something, mess something else up.
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Hehe, good screenshot zekrahminator x) It would only need a picture of one ghost session and that "freezing/glitching" would be perfect :)
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where the hell are my stars
lol oops for someone
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W1zzard's Sidekick
played through the game tonight on the PC...finally a great game once again, and even long enough for gaming. The one interesting aspect is the empty spot in the submarine destination menu.

And the game has multiple endings? If you save all the girls and if you kill em all? and possibly of you do half/half?

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Stop it don't spoil the ending until my 2600XT comes in the mail :p.

And here's what I think happened. I think that the bugs are in all versions of BioShock (PC and Xbox 360), and while the applied patch would solve the issues on the PC, the Xbox 360 port is having some unforeseen troubles.
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Hey zekrahminator dont get too excited yet!

The HD 2600XT has major problems with Bioshock in DX10 mode (Vista)

These will apparently be fixed in Catalyst 7.10 drivers due in October

Meanwhile, if you are using Vista, you have to run in direct x 9 mode :mad:

To do this, go to the Vista Game explorer, right click on the Bioshock icon and select
'Play Direct X 9'
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Well then, it's a good thing I'm playing in Windows XP then, isn't it ;).
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