Friday, September 14th 2007

Tesco Offers Free iPod Shuffle with DVD Rentals

If anyone in the UK would like to save a little bit of money on a new MP3 player, Tesco could have the deal for you. The supermarket giant is offering all new subscribers to their DVD rentals service a free 1GB silver iPod Shuffle provided that they subscribe for at least three months. With the cheapest option costing £4.47 a month for two DVDs (with free postage), that works out at just £13.41 for a new iPod, plus you get to watch a few extra DVDs! The standard retail price of the iPod Shuffle is £49, so if you sign up for this you could potentially save yourself over £35. The only real catch is that you will have to wait for three months before you receive your iPod because Tesco won’t send you it until you’ve given them the third payment, but this is definitely a bargain, and could even make a nice little Christmas present for someone. If you want to get a free Shuffle you’ll have to be quick, because this offer only lasts until 10 o’clock in the morning on Sunday. Take a look here if you're interested.Source: Reg Hardware
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thanks for letting us all know there jimmy.
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Bird of Prey
Man, yall are so lucky, Id love to be able to get that kind of hook up over here.
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