Monday, September 17th 2007

RivaTuner v2.04 Released

RivaTuner is a powerful tweaking utility for NVIDIA GeForce and ATI Radeon based videocards. Minor bugfixes in version 2.04:
  • Fixed overclocking algorithms for ATI R3xx/R4xx GPU families, broken due to MMIO protection introduced in the previous version.
  • Fixed gamma correct antialiasing option for G7x GPU families, broken due to G8x related gamma correct antialiasing related changes in the previous version.
  • Fixed bug in the installer script, preventing automatic update installation system from installing the updates from a folder containing spaces in the path.
  • RivaTuner no longer stops working with access violation error when I/O driver is not loaded.
  • Minor UI and localization fixes.
Read the Rivatuner FAQ for complete list of bugfixes.
Download: RivaTuner v2.04 (2.2MB)Source: Guru3D
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7 Comments on RivaTuner v2.04 Released

[I.R.A]_FBi said:
wasnt 2.03 just done last week?
Yes it was, but this version adds something pretty cool:
  • Added new ForceWare 163.67 overclocking interfaces support. Please take a note that by design of new NVIDIA drivers ForceWare's NVAPI overclocking interfaces no longer scale shader domain clock when raster domain clock is changed on G8x graphics processors and provides completely independent shader domain clock adjustment interface instead. It means that all overclocking tools supporting traditional overclocking interfaces (e.g. RivaTuner, ATITool or PowerStrip) change raster domain core clock only when overclocking core with these drivers. Now RivaTuner is the only third party overclocking tool supporting new independent shader domain clock adjustment interface too and able to overclock it with these drivers. Currently shader domain overclocking in RivaTuner is available for power users only and is exposed as user adjustable shader/ROP domain clock ratio represented by ShaderClockRatio registry entry. The next version of RivaTuner will provide independent shader domian clock control directly via overclocking GUI. Please take a note that by default it applies to Vista ForceWare 163.67 only, however Windows XP owners may also force RivaTuner to use Vista-specific NVAPI overclocking interfaces by setting NVAPIUsageBehavior registry entry to 1.
That's the main reason (to me) it was updated so fast.
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not a suicide-bomber
still not working for my hd2600 :(
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TPU addict
Works on my 2900
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Bird of Prey
Wow, I thought Riva Tuner was for Nvidia only.
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Senior Moderator
I just switche to the newest nvidia beta's and I can't oc with Rivatuner anymore. I set the sliders, apply, and hit ok, but the clocks remain at default?
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TPU addict
WarEagleAU said:
Wow, I thought Riva Tuner was for Nvidia only.
been possible for some time now.

Only thing i don't like is that u cannot change the 2D clocks with it :(.
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