Saturday, September 29th 2007

Intel to Discontinue Older Centrino CPUs in 2008

Intel is planning to issue a product discontinuance notice (PDN) for its Napa Refresh platform CPUs including T7600, T7400, T7200, T5600 and T5500 in January next year, while the end of lifecycle (EOL) process will take place in March. Intel has already issued the PDN for its Napa platform CPUs including T2700, T2600, T2500, T2400, T2300 and T2300E this month with EOL set for November this year. Entry-level CPUs, Celeron M 530 and 520, will also receive PDN in January next year and EOL in March, while the M 450, 440 and 430 have also already reached PDN this month with EOL in November. The discontinuance over ten 65nm notebook processors should benefit Intel over production costs while helping to smooth completion of its goal to switch to 45nm process in two years.

Source: DigiTimes
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2 Comments on Intel to Discontinue Older Centrino CPUs in 2008

Wile E
Power User
So what's replacing the discontinued Core 2 chips? Intel's mobile naming convention still confuses me.
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Bird of Prey
Me too, didnt they just come out with these chips like not too long ago?
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