Wednesday, October 31st 2007

Gmail 2.0 on the Horizon

Google has announced that it is working on releasing a completely re-written and optimised version of Gmail, as it attempts to achieve a customer satisfaction rating of over 70 percent. The new version has two main goals: to be faster and feature improved contact management. The results of initial tests are that users find the updated Gmail to be noticeably quicker and more responsive, and testers have also reported that there have been GUI enhancements including a new contacts screen and the ability to hide the chat. Other changes also include the ability to transfer pictures directly from Gmail to Google’s Picasa service, in an attempt to reduce bandwidth and processing expenses for the client. Gmail 2.0 is expected to be launched either this year or early next year, and will be available via a “new version” option which will appear in the upper right of the mail screen.Source: DailyTech
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nice. I've had gmail for 5 years now (back when you had to get an invite to join), and I've never even thought of going back to hotmail... hotmail is useless compared to gmail (yes I have looked at the new version/revisions, still useless). Gmails integration with the rest of Googles' applications, and their handling of attachments and such (like their built-in mp3 player), are amazing utilities.
They definitely could use to make it a little quicker tho. Their servers get a little bogged sometimes it seems.
Go Gmail!
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Great -- all this a month after I start using POP via Evolution to access my GMail account. Of course, I like not having to boot up a web browser to check my email -- I used to think it was silly, what with having a separate program and all, but now it's not bad.
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Sweet. I love gmail, and personally have 10 different accounts for whatever I need. I'f only they would open up attachment sizes to like 50 or 100mb.
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I have seen a demo of the new client. Its heck a lot faster. It precaches a bunch of emails, and you can scroll through the emails with no delays.
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2.0??? But Gmail v1 is still in Beta!
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Sold my stars!
haha helvetica, i see what you mean. they're going from v1 beta to v2, oh well i dont mind. gmail's great to me and i'm excited to see the new and improved gmail. gmail ftw :)
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Jimmy 2004
Helvetica said:
2.0??? But Gmail v1 is still in Beta!
I don't think Google will officially call it version 2.0, but that's just how sites like DailyTech are referring to it. ;)
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Yahoo mail is fine for me, but I have to say Gmail right now is still fast.
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Fishfaced Nincompoop
The main reason I wanted Gmail (and I got like 4 years ago too, thanks Jocke! ;)) was that my parents only had a 56k dial-up connection and Gmail was by far the most usable.

What I REALLY want is maps. If they add maps, I will die happy. At least I find it very difficult to find a mail out of thousands with just the search function. Often I don't even remember lot's of mails, so then it's nice to organize them in maps with different names. So I want MAPS!
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Jimmy 2004
TBH, Hotmail remains my favourite, just because I don't want to change my email address and I don't have any issues with it. If it ain't broke don't fix it.
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Bird of Prey
At first, Gmail sucked. It was slow, tedious and the controls were awful. However, now its a streamlined tight program for email with nice filters and ease of use.
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