Friday, November 2nd 2007

PS3 Closes Gap on the Wii

The Japanese sales figures for last month’s console sales are in, and there’s some good news for the PS3. Sony’s console is now just over 63,000 units behind the Wii compared to almost 175,000 units in August (the figures for September weren’t announced), which is a considerably smaller gap. The bad news for both consoles is that sales figures have plummeted from 245,653 units for the Wii and 81,541 units for the PS3 in August to just 110,415 units and 47,183 units respectively. It was better news for Microsoft, which saw its Xbox 360 sales figures rise from 11,288 units to 18,717 units over the same time period, although it still lags behind both other companies. The PS3’s and 360’s sales would have been helped slightly by both consoles experiencing a price drop during October, and the PS3 is expected to do well in November with the introduction of the new 40GB PS3 in Japan, along pre-Christmas sales affecting figures.

Source: Reg Hardware
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Random Murderer
The Anti-Midas
it's not that the ps3 is catching up, it's that wii's sales are falling...
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Jimmy 2004
Random Murderer said:
it's not that the ps3 is catching up, it's that wii's sales are falling...
Closing the gap ;)

The Wii's figures are falling faster than the PS3s. Anyway, I agree, the title is mislead so I'll change it.
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To infinity ... and beyond!
just wait a month...the wii sales will be back to 450,000 and ps3 maybe 150,000 and xbox 360 well...hmm idk on that one.
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lol, thought the PS3 would be catching up with increased sales, but actually the sales are just falling SLOWER than the WII's :D kinda funny. we'll see what happens around christmas, that should give a nice boost for all three of them.
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Cold Storm
Woo Hoo!!! :rockout: Now if I only lived in Japan...:banghead:
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this news doesnt surprise me, the Wii is an excellent console featuring this generation hardware and i would expect to be replaced with in 3 three years, the Ps3 is a fully featured multimedia device with a longevity of at least 5 - 10 years, the main reason that the ps3 sales were lagging was sheerly down to the ridiculous starting price point which no doubt led to the high profile Sony marketing resignations a few months back. I was blindingly obvious to the majority the when the price became reasonable for the Ps3 sales would shoot up but also a world wide shortage of Wii consoles has no doubt allowed the sales of Ps3 to catch up also.
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WOW!!! MS does so well in Japan :toast:

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Bird of Prey
Well the thing to notice is, they also arent near 100,000 units being sold for that statement there. I was hoping they would sell more units per month, quarter, whatever it is.
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