Sunday, November 25th 2007

Firefox 3.0 Beta 1 Memory Usage Tested

Ever since Firefox 3.0 Beta 1 was released to the public, people have been wondering whether or not memory usage was any better. An independent tester decided to take it upon himself to investigate. Running a Windows Vista Home Premium system with 2GB of RAM that had never had Firefox installed on it before, the man put each browser under three different testing scenarios (that were equivalent between the two systems). First, he loaded five web pages into the browser. Then, he loaded a single page and let the browser idle for 10 minutes. Finally, he loaded 12 pages and waited five minutes. The results are very interesting.

Firefox used 35,640KB of RAM on the first test, 47,852KB on the second test, and a staggering 103,180KB on the last test. Firefox 3.0 Beta 1 at first did not seem to be doing much better, using 38,644KB and 63,764KB of RAM on the first and second tests, respectively. However, on the final test, Firefox 3.0 Beta 1 required only 62,312KB, over 40,000KB less than what Firefox required. For comparison, Internet Explorer 7 used 89,756KB on the final test. Please check out the source link for screenshots and more detailed test results.Source: ZDNet
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From version, I had 178,xxxK of Ram usage before I made the switch. That was with all my extensions added in as well. I had 9 extensions and two themes installed. When I went to FF Beta 3, my memory usage dropped drastically. To about 45 or 60K. (I cant recall exactly what off hand atm) Still pretty damn good. Then again, all of my extensions and themes arent FF3.0 ready yet. So Ill have to wait and see.
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Bird of Prey
I had well over 130k usage on firefox myself. Ive noticed a dramatic decreases in the newest beta release.
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This is good news, I have a constant use of test three, but replace that 5min with 5 hours or more. Currently 9 tabs open with 282,648KB mem usage, can't wait for 3.0 to go final. Nothing wrong with besides memory usage, so I'm not in hurry to be a beta tester :)
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i've had over 400MB of ram used before, 20 odd tabs open (i dont restart this PC, i only sleep it sometimes)
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