Tuesday, December 11th 2007

Xbox 360 Could Get 32nm Chips by Late 2009

IBM made a major announcement today that they will be offering 32nm chips to their partners in the second half of 2009. This would mean that possibly the Xbox 360 could get even smaller chips than the 65nm "Falcon" CPUs. These new chips will up the power savings to 45% and speed boosts up to 30% over IBM's last generation of hardware. This will reduce the overheating issues, and maybe even make way for a smaller console. Consider this as rumour since there's no any official information from Microsoft, or any of the Xbox 360 OEMs.Source: Kotaku
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Probably have another console to get released by then.
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exactly what the point in upgrading the CPU of a console which will be close to 4/5 years old by then can be I can't see. They would have to spend $$$ on R&D to re-develop the circuitry and power delivery systems I can see. Maybe they will launch a slimline XBOX 360, with a new SKU like sony did with the PS2 - PSTwo
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There isn't going to be another new version out by then or a new console...that stinks:wtf:
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hacker111 said:
There isn't going to be another new version out by then or a new console...that stinks:wtf:
Exactly, Microsoft thinks of the 360 like what the PS2 was in terms of lifespan even. It would be no earlier than 2010 before we saw a new console generation. Furthermore, im surprised that they would be toatly skipping 45nm i mean wow thats a huge jump all the way from 65 nm to 32 nm. But hey if it can save money and bring the price down ever further then hell yes.
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Man i dont really care if new 360s comne out mine hasnt broke yet so im fine, all i really want is a new wireless adapter im not paying £50for wireless. its a big jump in tech but it means they will be able to get rid of all those 360 boards and stuff just like the ps2 and by that time every 360 will be cheap and developers will be making really nice games like what happened with the ps2 at the end really nice games like god of war 2 came out.

I think new bundles will come out like 2 pads standard in the elite or summit like that, basically what they done with the arcade.
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Bird of Prey
That also means the PS3 chips could get smaller. They were developed (the cell chip) jointly with Toshiba and IBM.
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