Wednesday, December 12th 2007

Blizzard Confirms New MMO In Development

After lots of denial, it seems as though a Blizzard community representative has confirmed that the mega-developer is working on a new massively multiplayer online game. The revelation came quite unexpectedly in a World of Warcraft forum post (via Wired) questioning Blizzard job listings looking for character and environment artists for a "Next-Gen MMO" marked "Top Secret." After two pages of speculation from forum goers, including many writing it off as probably just another World of Warcraft expansion, Blizzard community rep Drysc gave this response: No, it is an unannounced Next-Gen MMO. And that doesn't mean an expansion for World of Warcraft either." As could be expected, things exploded after that. Blizzard remains tight-lipped, and to be fair whatever this project is probably won't see store shelves for years yet, so they have no reason to rush into talking about it.Source:
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my guess would be diablo :D wow is getting their new expansion and starcraft is getting starcraft two leaving diablo in the shadow.
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World of StarCraft? World of Diablo?

World of WarStarDiabloCraft?
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JacKz5o said:
World of StarCraft? World of Diablo?

World of WarStarDiabloCraft?

think of the addictions! I may change my future career to psychiatry in anticipation! :p
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Yeah i think that it'll be a diablo one WHICH I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR!!!!
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*Rolls lucky dice*

Diablo game!! Come on :D
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wazzledoozle said:
World of Blizzard...
I can see it now, we create characters to play Blizzard games inside the World of Blizzard. I think its a safe bet its Diablo related, but this game won't be coming out for a LONG time as previously stated. There is no way Blizzard would have two MMO's out at the same time more or less competing against each other. Though Blizzard is so ridiculously popular that I'm sure plenty of people would keep a WoW subscription and whatever the new game is.
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diablo is similar to warcraft. But starcraft would make sense because it is sci-fi.
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I think it will be Diablo related... and I would hope that Blizzard will allow access to both WoW and the new game for a single $15 monthly fee... or maybe a slightly inflated one, like $20 per month.
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It's going to be Diablo :rockout:
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I hope it's Diablo... it's gotta be. How could it possibly not be? What the hell are they waiting for?

Have you been to lately... It's pretty much pointless... No clues there.
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Basard said:
I hope it's Diablo... it's gotta be. How could it possibly not be? What the hell are they waiting for?

Have you been to lately... It's pretty much pointless... No clues there.
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Knows what makes you tick
*sigh* It's so sad to see the good developers turning to MMO. If it's Starcraft, I will be fine since StarCraft 2 is coming out, if it's Diablo, I will not be happy since I really want Diablo 3.

I will give up games entirely before I will pay a monthly fee to play the game that I already bought.
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Woah Mama!
Unless it is WoW 2 then it'll be Diablo or a completely new game altogether. Starcraft doesn't really fit an MMO to me.
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An FPS style Starcraft MMO would be absolutely killer.
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WoW came out after Warcraft 3 came out. now that they are readying Starcraft 2, they will hype this game and eventually release World of Starcraft.

Therefore, i think they will make WoS.
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I'm the only one
Its gonna be called fattest cashcow:laugh:
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World of Starcraft:
Different group than WoW currently. There would be three sides to play. I think it would probably be more campaign based. I.E. Your a tanker or marine and you go to different planets and sectors fighting the other races. There would be definite places a Zerg wouldn't go and vise versa. It would be slightly more Role Playing than WoW is.

World of Diablo:
Primarily a Role Playing MMO. There would have to be a lot of variety on what you could do for the people in each village you come across but at the same time you would be limited (by time frame maybe once you begin certain chains) in the amount of exploring you can do (not a limitation on the world it would have to be vast and available to "travelers"). I think it would be an adventure that would probably be started over multiple times from multiple locations and exploring the different avenues each time around. I'm not sure how an end game would work on this one as well as WoW or a WoS. Diablo kind of has a set beginning and end concept.

Figure it probably won't be out for a good 3 years. WoW would need major overhauls to keep up which expansions could do but probably won't happen this way.
In a WoW2 graphics, concepts, and customization would all be overhauled. Possibilities like being a dragon in the bronze dragon flight and fighting to keep the timeline intact. With something like that obviously a player would be over powered but think about it like this. A human/elf/orc takes 15 days to get to 100 (example lvl cap) and a dragon takes 45 days. The dragon would always tear apart a similar lvled class but that same player could come back 3 days later and stomp them because of the time it takes for such a class to lvl. Dragons are old, slow growing, and tend to keep to themselves so the quests would be more unique and more limited. Other examples could be naga, furbogs, etc. Allegiances for such classes could be based on the quests chosen through lvling much like the Scryer vs Aldor.

Remember this is just my thoughts of what could happen. I don't think Blizzard has steered us wrong yet. Lets hope Activision doesn't either.
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