Thursday, December 20th 2007

Samsung Spinpoint M6 320GB Notebook Hard Drive

The new Spinpoint M6 HM320JI is the highest capacity 2.5-inch hard drive in Samsung's laptop storage products, offering 320GB of data space. The M6 features Free-Fall Sensor that protects data from accidental drops and includes an optional Rotary Vibration Controller that minimizes the influence of external vibration. The disk has 5,400rpm spindle speed, 1.5Gbps SATA interface and 8MB data buffer. The Spinpoint M6 HM320JI is available now, with a MSRP of $249.

Source: PCLaunches
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~Technological Technocrat~
Hmmm I can only seem to find the 120 & 250Gb versions... the 250Gb is actually quite suprisingly/competitively fairly priced.

Prices are still no where near the bang for buck as desktop hardware but hopefully things will change in the future...

I dont see why we have to pay a premium for laptop upgrades because theres a demand for products just like the desktop market. for example....Intel C2D's if only a small handful of people we buying these i doubt that Intel would lower the price so far but since they are in demand, intel can order a tonn of them made thus making production cheaper as they are mass producing & 'mobility' parts might take more effort to make as they have to shrink everything down but they are still mass producing them for the masses. masses being OEM vendors & the odd members of the public who walks/browse into their local store/online store & find out that they stock CPUs/HDDs/RAM etc for their current laptop.

we as the consumers are paying more then it would cost us buying 'enthusiast' products.

but then as some might say - we are paying for the privalidge......
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