Saturday, December 29th 2007

BFG Releases the 8800GTS OC2 512MB Water Cooled Edition

BFG Technologies, the leading North American and European supplier of advanced NVIDIA-based 3D graphics cards, motherboards, power supplies and other PC enthusiast products, announced today the BFG NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS OC2 512MB Water Cooled Edition PCI Express 2.0 graphics card with ThermoIntelligence for a suggested retail price of $529.99 USD. Using custom water block co-developed by BFG and Danger Den, this extremely cooled card delivers up to a 30°C lower GPU operating temperature, while core and shader clocks are still set to 700MHz (vs. 650MHz standard) and 1728MHz (vs. 1625MHz standard) respectively. This BFG Tech product is also offered with a True Lifetime Warranty and 24/7 Technical Support. Read more here.

Source: BFG Tech
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i like ek's waterblock
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They're at it again. They just use a reference card with a Danger Den waterblock. I find it pricier than buying a card with a reference cooler and the same DD block in two pieces and assembling them myself. Just that the factory OC and the waterblock usage are covered by the warranty....which doesn't anyway cover damage to the card due to improper handling such as coolant/water spills.
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The waterblock from DD (OEM rates) is $90. Now a $320 card + $90 WB = $410

These buggers are selling it for $529!! Blashphemy! Hand assembly and factory OC are such lame excuses. I mean you can make your custom BIOS just once and flash all your units. And to tighten a few screws and that BIOS they take a 100 bucks more? Gimme a break!

It costs nothing to make a custom BIOS. I can make one too with NiBiTor. MSI sells factory-overclocked cards at reference card rates....proves it.

This isn't the first time....check their 8800 Ultra watercooled price....somewhere $800~$900

On the other hand, ASUS made such a brilliant product for the same price...The 8800 GTX Aquatank...comes with all water-cooling mechanisms built-in.
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The asus uses a nasty thermaltake cooler though *shudder*

I think this is pretty cool myself, overpriced maybe, but if it sells anything like the watercooled bfg gtx (not very well at all),then within a few months you'll probably be able to find them for not much more than a regular card (i saw bfg gtx's for £360 a few months ago, when regular ones were still £320 or so)
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A rather expensive piece of kit, you could most likely buy the card separately and the block and it would cost less
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where the hell are my stars
i like the factory oc'd cards on agp because i can tun and sell them on ebay for more than i paid i spent $100 on my 7800GS OC it goes on ebay for at least $150 ive seen some go for $250 and higher!
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