Wednesday, January 2nd 2008

Lexar Media Announces Crucial Solid State Drive (SSD) Product Line

Lexar Media, a leading global provider of memory products for digital media, today announced its line of Crucial solid state drives (SSD). Crucial SSDs are more durable, require less power, and offer greater overall system performance than traditional hard disk drives. The SSDs will be available in capacities of 32GB and 64GB in an industry standard 2.5-inch drive enclosure with an industry-leading native SATA 3.0Gb/s interface. Additionally, Lexar Media will offer the Crucial SK01 external drive kit and various online customer tools-including the Crucial SSD Advisor tool. Product availability is expected in Q1 2008.

"Crucial is known for enabling everyday consumers to take advantage of cutting-edge technology," said Terrence Groth, Lexar Media's worldwide product marketing manager. "Crucial offers user-friendly online compatibility and educational tools, as well as an external drive kit that allows users to install the SSD in their desktop system or use it as a portable storage device."

Crucial SSDs have no spin-up time, seek time, or rotational latency, resulting in faster system boot times and application load times. Other user benefits include:
  • Low power consumption - Less than 2W active power
  • Rugged - Resistant to high levels of shock (1,500G/0.5msec) and vibration (20G (20-2000Hz)
  • Reliable - 2 million MTBF
  • Low latency - Access time less than 1ms
  • Light weight - 82g
  • Silent operation - Operating sound of 0 bels
  • Runs cool - No moving parts to create excess heat
  • Versatile - Hot Swappable design
  • 5-year limited warranty
External Storage Kit
Lexar Media is also announcing the Crucial SK01 External Drive Storage Kit (sold separately), a device that delivers the benefits of SSD technology to a user's desktop and beyond. The innovative SK01 kit will allow users to enjoy SSD technology installed in their desktop or as a portable storage device via a USB port. The kit includes a 2.5-inch USB 2.0 external enclosure, 3.5-inch SATA 3.0Gb/s hot-swappable drive bay, and a 5.25-inch drive bay bracket. The Crucial SK01 comes with a limited lifetime warranty. In hot-swap capable systems, the SSD can be removed from a desktop drive bay without the need to power down the computer-a feature that allows for immediate, portable data security.

Online Tools
Crucial offers many free customer tools on its Web site at or The Crucial SSD Advisor allows customers to find a compatible SSD by choosing their system make and model from a drop-down menu. Crucial also offers an online flash-based installation guide showing how easy it is to install an SSD.Source: Lexar Media
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SSD hard drives are going to be very common in the near future... but for now, they are just to expensive for most people to consider. I would LOVE to have one of these in my laptop. :)
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Sold my stars!
wait what? i thought crucial was owned by micron? is this crucial the company or crucial as a series
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panchoman said:
wait what? i thought crucial was owned by micron? is this crucial the company or crucial as a series
If its crucial series then that means its lawsuit time :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:
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Editor & Senior Moderator
If only we could get one of these for as relatively low as $200, I'd be the first to buy it. SSD drives from Samsung cost upto $800 these days for 64 GB :(
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The umpteenth press release regarding flash-based SSDs, yet Newegg is only carrying the SuperTalent models. Probably just milking us for awhile until other brands are demanded.
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