Friday, January 11th 2008

Intel Adds New Segments in its Naming Scheme for Montevina CPUs

Intel has decided to extend the original naming scheme for the upcoming Montevina platform, by adding a P segment to CPUs targeting notebooks and an S class for small form factor PC processors. Intel originally had four segments for the July official Montevina launch: X for the extreme segment - CPUs that have a TDP over 40W, T for mobile high-performance at 20-39W, L for mobile high energy efficient at 12-19W, and U for mobile ultra-high energy efficient with a TDP less or equal to 11.9W. Now Intel will add a P segment for power-optimized energy-efficient high-performance processors with a TDP between 20-29W, which indicates that the original T segment will have its TDP range changed to between 30-39W. The company will also add an S class of CPUs, with a smaller package size, aimed at small form factor products. There will be three segments under the S class: SP, SL and SU with TDP ranging from 20-29W, 12-19W and smaller or equal to 11.9W, respectively. In addition, Intel plans to launch quad-core processors for its notebook platform in the third quarter of this year. The company will use the same Q code branding used in its desktop Core 2 Quad line-up. Source: DigiTimes
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~Technological Technocrat~
will these new quad cores still fit in existing core duo/core 2 duo mobiles laptops???

even tho i think its highly unlikely but it would be cool it if did
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