Tuesday, January 29th 2008

Rockstar Reaches Hot Coffee Settlement

Rockstar Games has now managed to reach a settlement over the infamous “Hot Coffee” dispute which allowed gamers to unlock explicit content in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Customers who still have the original disk and a detailed store receipt can claim up to $35 in compensation, and those with just the disk but no receipt will still be able to claim $5.
Defendants do not dispute that the parts that were modified and combined to display the Hot Coffee content were present in the code of the game discs. However, Defendants vigorously deny each and every allegation of improper conduct, and they deny all liability. The notice and other settlement documents provide information about the lawsuit, the settlement, your legal rights, what benefits are available, who is eligible for them, and how to get them. To download a notice package.
Source: [H]ard|OCP
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Jimmy 2004 said:
I've got a copy, and I'm sure I could dig up my receipt somewhere. Am I going to return it for cash? No.

I'm so perverse that I bother to install something like Hot Coffee, and I also don't personally thing Rockstar should be blamed for people hacking the game. It's like Someone hacking their copy of Windows only to find that they've opened up a backdoor that lets their computer be exploited and then trying to sue M$.
That was an awful analogy....

Rockstar coded it, and left it in. It's they're fault and they're responsibility for not removing it.

While it may seem 'silly' that people would sue over this, and we question their motives, by law they have a right to do so.

Customers entered a voluntary contract with Rockstar games, to provide a game that meets a particular rating, in this case it's "M" correct? If the court can determine that the content of the 'hot coffee' scene(s) exceeds that of "M" rating, then that contract between Rockstar and their consumers has been broken, negated, voided, neglected etc. by Rockstar.

They are responsible for the content and for the marketing.

The ESRB should also be responsible, even though they may be able to claim ignorance.

Personally, I like seeing this. I don't condone wreckless use of litigation, but, the concept of a large company of this caliber, having to give in to a normal consumer because of a contract dispute, is refreshing, as opposed to yet another company squashing an individual or group of individuals because they can with their big-wig lawyers and corporate domination - money bleeding approach.

And to loop back to Jim's comment/comparison concerning Microsoft: had something similar happened to Microsoft, say the findings of two anime chicks having sex in a 3d modelling program that Microsoft built or 'packaged' with Vista, people would be up in arms.

On principle alone it's unacceptable and inappropriate, but they'd be raving mad just because they're anti-MS, not pro morals or ethics.
Motivation is a key player, but law is law; break it and pay the consequences.
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Cold Storm said:
just like sex.... lol
I think this is goes in the wtf files for me... Like I'm going to spend time to go on line and find out when i bought that game, and what!?! I know it was the day before it came out, but i bought it few months before... so that leaves a lot to look into... now, if I'd only go through everything like they ask to get money and I'd be rich... Get a few every few months saying that I qualify for this or that settlement.. A load of bs...
That doesn't help. Seriously, how do you "win" the sex games? It's pretty frickin annoying since I've discovered I can't get into the Hustler anymore...
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To bad I dont have it. Hey can we buy it now and get the refund? That would be sweet. Then we could make some money...:slap:
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