Friday, February 22nd 2008

UK to Threaten ISPs who Refuse to Comply with Demands of Pirate-Hunters

One by one, the European Union territories are falling to the will of the music and movie industries. If either of those industries demands to see some information from an ISP, they'd better comply. By April 2009, if an ISP does not co-operate, then they can face legal punishment from the government. This move came after a meeting between ISPs and the recording industries, which resulted in no universally pleasing solution. The government would much rather see a voluntary solution, but understands that when that isn't going to happen, they have to step in and do what they feel is right. More secure legislation should be developed over the course of this year. Current estimates claim that over 6 million broadband internet subscribers are active pirates.Source:
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11 Comments on UK to Threaten ISPs who Refuse to Comply with Demands of Pirate-Hunters

Thankfully i live in oz where the only net stuff thats being proposed is porn filters.
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ech this really sucks...any way...most thing i download are korean,chinese, japanese and egyptian...and are not licinced in the uk :) i think im safe :)
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where the hell are my stars
just set up a server with port forwarding
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six million criminals hey.. lock em all up.. import ten million east european immigrants to do their jobs and look after the jails.. dont let the immigrants have the new proposed internet license and the problem is solved.. he he

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LOL Trog

Actually, given the productivity of the typical limey, you would only need 3 million east european immigrants at HALF the wage to do DOUBLE the work. Sounds like a sensible plan and structural reform.
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like most things in the uk they will all argree and then do nothing about it.


how many english do you know?
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~Technological Technocrat~
well - if my ISP joined this political correctness/big brother Union (Nazi/Communistic Regime) then I will demand that my ISP lower its service fee's. & to cut my connection down from its 8mb to 2mb because there would be no point in having an 8mb fast connection if we cant do f**k all with it.

so what? if their losing money?? Im sure they got their nose so far up the music industries arse that they will automatically cough up the extra cash for all those consumers who will either be leaving the ISP or buying into much much cheaper packages.

im not paying for a service that im not going to get the best out of it. THATS what i pay for as a consumer & whatever i do with my paid for net is my concern so long as i stay within the contracted 'fair usage' policy which is the biggest BS ive ever seen.

its fine if ISP's decide they dont want to fight the incoming tide - but i hope their willing to profit less
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Triprift said:
Thankfully i live in oz where the only net stuff thats being proposed is porn filters.
same xD
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the thing is, its a crime to pirate, whats so hard about that, everyone of us is a criminal. Its that simple, im all for this, ive stopped pirating and have vowed to never do so agian. Its childish really, we want to get paid for our work, why shouldnt someone else. Then agian im a poet so I understand this, but some of you do not create and expect everything for free. But you are a criminal, you are a theif and its high time we all grow up and go back to being leagal. So grow up
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