Tuesday, February 26th 2008

Apple iPhone Firmware Update 1.1.4 Released

All you iPhone owners out there should know that Apple released firmware update 1.1.4 today for the iPhone. The last update - 1.1.3, introduced a few new capabilities such as the ability to customize the home page, but the only thing noted as new in 1.1.4 are "bug fixes". Please connect your iPhone to iTunes to start downloading the new software.Source: TUAW, CNET
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yeah, thats what I use summerboard (old) and try the theme for it called glassorb, its sweet
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Dumb question: How do I actually get SMB to work? At the moment it says at the bottom Summerboard 3.0 (Inactive) and none of the changes I make affect the desktop appearance...

And, why isn't England, Great Britain or United Kingdom on the list of countries in iWorld?

Asked this earlier dunno if you missed it, I may have edited my post after you'd posted

Ooo here's another question: Can you mark emails as read on the iPhone without actually opening them and waiting for them to load?
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Cybrnook2002 said:
Well, im also on 1.1.2 bootloader 4.6 and have had no problems at all with winSCP. You should check your wireless connection as well as your firewall settings. Also make sure your OpenSSH is up to date and ENABLED as well as BDSubsystem.But, actually I used Ibrickr to copy my NES roms originally. it worked fine. Ibrickr gives you the ability to delete and create folders, as well as transferr and back up files. The only thing it does not do is allow you to rename. If you use Ibrickr v0.91 make sure you put your nes roms in var/Mobile/Media/ROMs/NES/(Place .rom files here). You will have to create the Media ROMs and NES folder. make sure the casing is right too.
But doesn't Ibrikr downgrade your firmware to like 1.0.2 or something like that?
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No No, Ibrickr is a program thats intended to kick your phone out of recovery mode. NOTHING to do with the baseband or firmware upgrade or downgrade. If your phone is already jailbroken and works fine then you get a different GUI in ibrickr. It gives you options to add sounds, applications, ringtones etc..... its pretty cool. Dont be worried to open it, its pretty user friendly and safe.
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Ziphone now works on jail-breaking and unlocking Phones with 1.1.4.

Does anyone know if (or when) Summer will work on 1.1.4?
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