Monday, March 3rd 2008

RivaTuner 2.07 Released

On this page you can download the latest version of RivaTuner. RivaTuner v2.07 comes with some minor bugfixes:
  • Fixed default values for Direct3D Intellisample slider and "Clamp negative mipmap LOD bias" option.
  • State of global OSD visibility setting is no longer lost when any other option is being changed immediately after changing the global OSD visibility setting in the properties of bundled RivaTunerStatisticsServer application.
  • Minor UI and localization fixes.
You can read what's new in this version here.Source: Guru3D
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6 Comments on RivaTuner 2.07 Released

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Thanks Unwinder!:D
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Version 2.06 worked fine until I un-installed it. Then I could never get it to work again for some reason.:banghead:
I hope this version works for me.
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GREAT!! I can't wait to see if the fan control options really work for the HD3850. :)
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Finally added support for the G92's. Excellent. Thanks for the update.
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Whii, it's done, been waiting for support for my 169.25. Seems like it has twice the driver support than mentioned in the orginal thread, good that Unwinder added more, now I might even update my drivers (if there are some stable betas out there).

edit: seems like I have a sweet core, 738/1836 is running artifact free with ATITool cube under 70C and this is without bios mods. Although my bios says on startup "Engineering Release - Not For Production Use" :D

edit2: 3DMark06 however didn't like such high clocks, but I'm fine with 720/1800/1000 too. So happy now after suffering with broken Inno3D a week after RMA and finally ended up with a working 8800GT and such a good one was a surprise.
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