Wednesday, March 5th 2008

Sony to Release Cradle for PSP

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan today announced that it would release Cradle (PSP-S360)for the new slim and light PSP (PSP-2000) in Japan on April 24th, 2008 at a recommended retail price of 4,800 yen ($46). A set of Cradle & D Terminal AV Cable (PSPJ-15013) will also become available at a recommended retail price of 6,500 yen ($62). Cradle plays the role of a docking station that allow users to enjoy various entertainment content such as movies, videos and pictures on their TV sets. There's also a card type remote control included in the bundle with some basic functions. For more information please go here.

Source: Sony
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8 Comments on Sony to Release Cradle for PSP

well this sucks if you have one of the older version psps'.
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This would be cool to me if it could be mounted on the dash board of my car. And then a GPS... Oh wait, that's a garmin. :laugh:
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i have fat ol PsP and hate to see "only for slim" upgrades put this is pretty useless for me so..nvm!
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Thats pretty cool but why do you need to play a movie on your PSP on the Television set? Isn't that useless?
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Damn, I think its time to sell my fat psp, and get a slim...
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I guess this would be nice to have if you were camping.
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ok, the resolution of a PSP is pretty good...
but stretch it out to a tv, and you have a resolution as bad or worse than a regular nintendo. Why would they release something like that? so people will buy UMD discs, which cost more than dvds, for no benefit?
I like watching moveis atleast at a standard definition, not something that is going to look worse than vhs.
the Resolution of HDTV is generally 1650x900 or 1920x1080 (for computers its usually 1920x1200, or 1650x1080, dont get them mixed up, its 16:10 or 16:9); the psp has a resolution of 480x272. Even 1280x800 stretched out on a TV is just above average resolution, any lower than that is a degrading resolution. Pixel for Pixel, HDTV has 15.8 times more pixels than the PSP, so imagine HDTV divided by approximately 16, stretched out. Not to mention, if you dont have a 16:9 TV it is going to look goofy. Sorry for the rant, but this is retarded...
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bullcrap...thats what i call these..guy who has 1080p hdtv doesnt use psp for watching movies trough it...and good headphones are the key when watchin stuff from psp..quiet a good is the soundquality what psp/sony can produce !
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