Friday, March 28th 2008

OCZ and PC Power&Cooling Become an Official Sponsor for The GameStar League

OCZ Technology Group, a worldwide leader in innovative, ultra-high performance and high reliability memory, components, and system builds, today announced its partnership with GameStar, one of the leading European Gaming Leagues. OCZ Technology has been close to the gaming community for years by delivering high-performance hardware specially tailored for their demands, and is proud to announce sponsorship of the GSL League (GSL), where Europe’s best gamers will be competing in six different titles such as StarCraft, Unreal Tournament 3, Guild Wars and many more.

The GSL exists of four Premier Leagues and two Supporting Leagues where the finest gamers vie for the championship throughout the nine-month season, which has a total of 15 match days. All matches are broadcasted live on TV and through online streaming, reaching a total of 1.2 million viewers. Furthermore, the GSL is connected to the largest European Gaming Magazine and Online Portal, giving it a unique position and reach in the industry.

“With OCZ and PC Power & Cooling, we have the perfect partner for the GSL League,” said Utz Wasner, Managing Director of Game-TV, representing the GSL. “Cutting-edge, high-performance products from OCZ have a high standing in the gaming community, and we are excited that OCZ Technology has opted to partner with the GSL.”

“OCZ Technology was founded by gamers and enthusiasts with the goal to deliver tailored, high-performance, high-reliable product solutions that give the edge needed in today’s competitive gaming environment,” stated Tobias Brinkmann, Director of Marketing for Europe. “OCZ is extremely excited about the partnership with the GSL league to further strengthen our position in the gaming segment and continue to support gamers across the board.”

With this partnership OCZ strives to continue supporting the gaming communities it specifically designs its high-performance hardware for, and is eager to combine resources with a like-minded organization that upholds the mounting enthusiasm for recreational and competitive eSports.Source: OCZ Technology
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Bird of Prey
Hmm, now, I can get them to sponsor me, foot my travel, lodging and food bills, give me for free psus, memory and coolers, Id be good to go for the GSL League :D
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