Monday, January 12th 2009

OCZ Preparing New 910W Silencer PSU

OCZ is preparing a new power supply under its PC Power & Cooling brand. This PSU is part of a series of products lined-up for launch from the PC Power & Cooling subsidiary of OCZ. It provides 910W of continuous output. It boasts a massive 74A +12V rail and an 80-Plus Silver rating, which keeps its efficiency above 85%, a remarkable feat for a PSU with a heavy-duty 74A circuit. The Silencer 910W was pictured as a part of the Tech Report's CES coverage of OCZ's booth.

The PSU uses the standard PC Power & Cooling design, black in colour, no modular connections, and an 80mm fan to cool the unit. The PSU is NVIDIA SLI certified for use in multi-GPU systems. The Silencer 910W will reach stores soon with a price tag of US $199. It will be backed by a 5-year warranty.

Source: The Tech Report
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