Monday, April 7th 2008

Hynix Developed the World’s Fastest 1Gb Low-Power DDR2

Hynix Semiconductor today introduced the world’s first and fastest 1 Gigabite mobile LPDDR2. This product meets JEDEC standard and is expected to lead international LPDDR2 standard. 1Gb LPDDR, Low Power DDR2, is built on the Company’s leading edge 66nm process technology. It boasts maximum operating speed of 800Mbps at 1.2V power supply. It consumes less power but operates at a faster speed than mobile DDR. With the fastest speed and small form factor package of 9mm x 12mm,, it is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of mobile applications which demand high memory density and fast operating speed features. This new product has function of Hynix’s ‘One Chip Solutions’ and it allows Hynix the flexibility of offering wire bonded options to meet the specific needs of the customer by combining SDRAM/DDR DRAM interfaces, and x16/x32 organizations on a single chip. Hynix plans to start mass production of LPDDR2 in the fourth quarter of this year to meet the increasing demand for high performance mobile applications.Source: Hynix
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4 Comments on Hynix Developed the World’s Fastest 1Gb Low-Power DDR2

Bird of Prey
Wow, thats lower than DDR3. Now if they can take voltage and oc like crazy, they will have a winner on their hands. Unles thuis is talking about GDDR2
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Yea, you can power that ram with a AA battery.
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Dangle said:
Yea, you can power that ram with a AA battery.
Not enough amperage.
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Wile E
Power User
Thermopylae_480 said:
Not enough amperage.
Ok, A bunch of AA batteries wired in parallel. :D
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