Tuesday, April 8th 2008

abit Introduces A-S78H Motherboard

abit today announced its latest AMD platform motherboard, the A-S78H, supporting ATI Hybrid CrossFireX Technology for advanced 3D graphics performance. The A-S78H is based on the AMD 780G chipset with ATI Radeon HD3200 Graphics and the SB700. It supports AMD AM2+/AM2 processors running HT3.0 up to 5200MT/s. Four 240-pin DIMM sockets offer a maximum of 8GB memory capacity for Dual Channel DDR2 1066 modules. 1 x PCI-E X16, 1 x PCI-E X1, and 2 x PCI slots hold enough potential for further expansion and system upgrades with different add-on cards.
The A-S78H features stunning graphics performance, supporting ATI Hybid CrossFireX Technology, ATI UVD hardware decoding, and Surround View Technology.

ATI Hybrid CrossFireX Technology
The ATI Hybrid CrossFireX Technology offers multi-GPU performance capabilities by enabling the integrated graphics processor and a discrete graphics processor to operate simultaneously with combined output to a single display for blisteringly-fast frame rates. Enabled hybrid graphics cards models so far include ATI HD2400XT, HD2400Pro, HD3470 and HD3450 based VGA cards, providing the ultimate visual experience.

DirectX 10 for a yet better graphics experience
The HD3200 graphics delivers an unmatched Windows Vista experience, harnessing the increased bandwidth of HT3.0 to a DirectX10 graphics core which provides the 3D rendering power needed to generate best effects under Windows Vista, even under the most demanding circumstances.

ATI UVD hardware decoder
The ATI UVD (Unified Video Decoder) is the hardware video decoding processing unit on the GPU, handling the entire H.264, VC-1, and MPEG-2 decode process. With the UVD, you can enjoy Blu-ray and HD-DVD playback with lower power consumption and reduced CPU utilization.

SurroundView Technology
The A-S78H supports Surround View Technology for two independent display controllers for the CRT, HDMI/ DVI interfaces. You can spread your work across to up to 4 monitors.

Source: abit
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5 Comments on abit Introduces A-S78H Motherboard

I hope this is priced around 60-70$ cause im gonna be in the market for a AMD board soon here ;)
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The Exiled Airman
howabout a full size Board that is the same color as Intels boards, the color they are using seems to be non enthusiast class.
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eidairaman1 said:
howabout a full size Board that is the same color as Intels boards, the color they are using seems to be non enthusiast class.
That's the classic ABIT color! <3
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I liked the dark blue PCB they used on some. I really hope this is under 80$ cause the Gigabyte and ASUS 780G's are 99$ :( I want that SB700 south bridge :D
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Bird of Prey
Yeah my Abit At8 32x RD580 board is this color, with nice blue heatpipes :D
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