Monday, April 21st 2008

OLPC XO Keyboards Plagued by Widespread 'Stuck Key' Problems

Using cheap parts to build computers, leads in most cases to a serial failure in some of the PCs components, and OLPC's 'Give 1 Get 1' XO laptops are no exception. Many participants in the program are now encountering what has come to be known as the 'stuck key' problem, in which one or more of the keys on their XO-1 laptop's built-in keyboard become stuck in an activated position, or are activated when adjacent keys are pressed. As of January 30th, the official word from OLPC is that the root cause of this problem is unknown because "there are several manufacturers of the keyboards". It is also unknown just how widespread this problem currently is, as the 30-day manufacturer's warranty has already expired for most G1G1 participants. However, the OLPC forums are full of reports. OLPC is currently deploying the XO-1 to children in Mongolia and Peru, as well as other developing nations. Meanwhile, members of the forums are also reporting that by taking the keyboard out of the XO laptop and rubbing on the underlying sensor, you might fix the stuck key, but that's not a 100% solution. There's also a workaround, to disable the stuck key and assign its function to other key of the keyboard by typing these commands.
Source: The OLPC Wiki
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6 Comments on OLPC XO Keyboards Plagued by Widespread 'Stuck Key' Problems

Ouch. Sorry to whoever bought one of these. I guess it goes to show how hard it is to get quality stuff for a good deal.
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30-day warranty! Thats truly dreadful. 30-days warranty on an item designed to be "rough-and-tough-3rd world-proof-device". How idiotic. Warranty should have been 5 years for such equipment. LOL. Imagine a contract in Africa for roads, pipelines, dams, power stations, etc. only being 30 days. Its so ludicrous it's inept.

I guess they could fly in a few technicians... give them their own helicopters... to go around Africa fixing the stuck keys. LOL

Or how about a nice government contract with serious kick-backs?

Whole thing stunk right from day 0.
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man i hate cheap keyboards!
stuck keys are the worst...especially when your gaming.
30 day warranty pfft thats a joke!
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Bird of Prey
Not really that bad but it can be a pain for stuck keys.
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~Technological Technocrat~
they should get the guy down at the plant to stop eating jam n marmalade sarnies while building these laptops....
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You get what you pay for :laugh::laugh::laugh:
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