Wednesday, May 28th 2008

ASUS Preps EN9600GT Matrix Video Card

ASUS is preparing to unveil a number of new products during the upcoming Computex 2008, but one of them deserves special attention. Named ASUS EN9600GT Matrix, this will be a tricked out GeForce 9600GT video card equipped with a specially designed hybrid cooler. The custom dual-slot cooler of the card consists of a large aluminum heatsink with heatpipes and a fan that will start working only when the card runs 3D applications or the temperature rises considerably. Besides all this, the new card will come with a black PCB, single DVI and HDMI outputs and optical sound output. Clock speeds are still unknown, but the EN9600GT Matrix is very likely to be highly overclocked, considering the big cooler and the Republic of Gamers badge on its fan. More information about the card will be unveiled during Computex 2008.

Source: NordicHardware
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hmm.... thats a shame do you know of any heatsinks that you can buy online that are close to the 1 in the pic
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or just a heatsink that covers and cools the holl video card?
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Maybe u can get it from someone that had replaced it and no longer needs it...
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