Tuesday, June 3rd 2008

Computex 2008: Glacialtech

You will find two new CPU coolers at their booth. The first is the UFO V51, which can simply be described as massive. The prototype on display uses two 80 mm fans and four heat pipes. We were told, that the production unit will have the same design, but will be a bit smaller to maintain compatibility. It is constructed of aluminum with a pure copper base. The second CPU cooler does not yet have a name, but also uses two fans.
Their new AL and AX power supply series can also be viewed. The AL PSU is available with up to 650W, is 80 Plus certified and is actually semi-passive. The fan stops spinning if not needed. The AX series goes up to 1050W and comes with a modular cable tree. These are also 80 Plus certified.

Another very unique power supply is the AC100P series. It is a single output + USB power AC/DC unit. This means that you can not only output AC, but DC as well and can supply power to a USB device as well. This unit is ready for mass production and will cost around 100 US Dollars at retail.

Source: Glacialtech
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*fast forwards to the horny stuff* thanks Dark.

- Christine
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Senior Moderator
I can't help but laugh at that monstrosity of a cooler! That thing looks like it belongs on a car's engine. Look, push-pins!!
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My Lord, look at the size of that thing! Easy to see why they call it the UFO, it looks like one. But man, huge!:eek:

The second cooler that doesn't have a name yet looks interesting however! ;)
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I have 3x Glacialtech 120mm 1000rpm fans in my case. 3.5€/$5.4 a pop and quiet, can't beat that. But no, wouldn't want that UFO :D The other cooler looks nice.

edit: make that 4x, as in all fans, forgot that CPU has one too.
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intel igent
that UFO definately looks like it would abduct any MOBO! :laugh:
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Bird of Prey
Close Encounters of the Third Kind perhaps? HAHA.
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Ye that cooler looks silly to me.

But the AC100P series seems amazing. Im sure this will be a great seller. I would love to have a 2500w PSU with the same features. It can run my toaster and kettle while im browsing!
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