Wednesday, June 11th 2008

OCZ Expands its Diverse Flash Lineup with the new Ultra-Portable Spyder USB Drive

OCZ Technology Group today announced the latest addition to its award-winning lineup of performance flash drives with the all-new Spyder, first debuted at Computex 2008. Undertaking exciting new endeavors in the flash memory market, OCZ is all about affordable, portable, and innovative style with this super-sleek and cap-less design that offers students and professionals highly reliable and high-capacity flash storage at an aggressive price point.

“With the latest flash technology, OCZ saw the opportunity to serve customers that are always on the go with our new ultra-portable Spyder USB drive,” said Alex Mei, CMO, OCZ Technology Group. “The Spyder is an ultra portable and lightweight USB drive that features an innovative slide design which eliminates the possibility of ever losing a cap, making the Spyder the perfect USB drive for consumers to carry their valuable data and multimedia with them at all times.”

The stylish Spyder has a unique slide-top design, unlike flash drives with an easy-to-lose cap. Typical removable caps may get lost and leave the connector plug exposed to possible damage, but the Spyder design eliminates the possibility of losing the cap along with providing protection.

Like all OCZ flash drives, portability and size is a defining factor, allowing users to operate adjacent USB ports without needing to unplug other peripherals. The Spyder offers excellent performance at a value while maintaining a sleek and portable form factor, offering up to 8GB of storage without the extra bulk. With up to 35 MB/sec read speeds and an array of high capacities, the Spyder is ready to take on your most daunting file storage and transfers in style.

The Spyder will be initially available in 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB capacities for your most important mobile data. With excellent speeds at a terrific value, you can capture your most diverse web of files when you’re on the go.

For more information on the OCZ Spyder 2.0 USB Drive, please click here.Source: OCZ Technology
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6 Comments on OCZ Expands its Diverse Flash Lineup with the new Ultra-Portable Spyder USB Drive

Bird of Prey
That thing is so tiny!!!
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Graphical Hacker
Now if they could only waterproof it.
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most flash drives can survive a load of laundry. I want to see one of these wicked small flash drives in a 32 gig flavour.
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damn - I thought this was going to be another DDR3 offering from OCZ . . .

only part of the thread title I could read on the mainpage was "OCZ Expands its Diverse..."

and, yeah, their DDR3 lineup if pretty friggin diverse :laugh:
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Well it doesnt look like a convertible sportscar to me :shadedshu
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Wile E
Power User
lemonadesoda said:
Well it doesnt look like a convertible sportscar to me :shadedshu
No, but it kinda is a convertible flash drive. Almost like a hardtop. lol.
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