Tuesday, June 24th 2008

OCZ Technology Announces Partnership with Fatal1ty

OCZ Technology Group today announced a partnership with Fatal1ty and Auravision, who manages the prominent brand name. Under the agreement, Fatal1ty and OCZ will collaborate on the technical specifications and design for a range of high performance memory and power supplies which will be specifically engineered to meet the unique needs and requirements of gamers.

“We are pleased to partner with Fatal1ty as we are both dedicated to delivering premium gaming solutions,” commented Ryan Petersen, CEO, OCZ Technology Group. “We will work closely with Johnathan as well as all the Fatal1ty partners to deliver a range of exciting new memory and power supply products that are engineered specifically to meet the unique needs of gamers worldwide.”

“I am really excited about OCZ coming on board as the latest Fatal1ty licensed partner,” says Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel. “Their reputation for superior quality and advanced technology makes them an ideal partner to develop Fatal1ty Brand memory and power supply products.”

“OCZ and the Fatal1ty Brand have a shared goal of strengthening and expanding the gaming industry, making this a rewarding partnership for both companies as well as for gamers who will benefit greatly by using these technologies which were developed and designed specifically with them in mind,” stated Steve Gould, CEO of Auravision.

The collaborative design process between OCZ Technology and Fatal1ty will begin in the summer of 2008. All products designed under this partnership will carry the Fatal1ty Brand.Source: OCZ Technology
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11 Comments on OCZ Technology Announces Partnership with Fatal1ty

Oh brother... :rolleyes:

I'm sure that kind of marketing works on younger folks. OCZ went down a notch in my book. From notch 1 to 0.
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its just a empty reason to have overpriced products
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You have to give Johnathan credit though, I'm sure he is laughing all the way to the bank.
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intel igent
CStylen said:
You have to give Johnathan credit though, I'm sure he is laughing all the way to the bank.
any "professional" gamer is laughing all the way to the bank.
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Nice, another e-penis enlarging sticker on OCZ products. :)
How much does that sticker will cost to us :rolleyes:
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do people actually buy fatality endorsed hardware? yet to see anyone other than the first few things that came out years ago.
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Bird of Prey
The only Fatal1ty product I bought is the sound card, and I mean, dayum, its a nice soundcard (check specs). Other than that, his claw hand grip mouse from Creative sucks, and his other stuff sucks (maybe not his coolers for graphics and cpu, who knows.) this is really retarded though, but hell if you can cash in on it, why not.
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sigh why in the world do companies keep giving him free money? it's not like his porducts sell well. and it's not like he's the best person to be asking on how to improve their products. better to ask viperjohn or wiz, someone who knows a little bit more about hardware then, ooo I can kick @ss at games on this stuff.
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Senior Monkey Moderator
It's all about marketting. If the Fatal1ty brand can make them dollars, why wouldn't they leverage it? Just because it means nothing to us, does not mean that it does not increase their revenue.

Don't judge them harshly for wanting to increase their bottom line.
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Exactly which group of shoppers does he appeal anything to? He's just a guy that kicks ass at Quake 4. It doesn't mean he knows anything at all about hardware. In fact, spending all that time "honing" his Quake 4 skills probably means he knows little else. Heh.

He is definitely good at Q4 though. There's no denying that. He practices for hours and hours each day at it. Kinda depressing, if you ask me.

Frankly, I avoid hardware that has gaudy crap like gamer tags, giant monster fantasy women, dragon stickers, etc attached.
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Fatality products are for the gamers that are not aware of whats going on in real life and ingame.

In terms of first person shooters, they are the ones checking out the wall render.
In terms of car games, they are swapping rims during the race.
blah blah

Fatality plays counter strike, thats how good he is. Oh im sorry, his a champ of many other titles. Out of curiosity, did any of them other titles actually utilize EAX 5.0 ? Did Fatality need a 650w powersupply to run that insaine gfx card he would have needed to play those high demanding games ? What cpu was he using ?

Ive never been happy with any Fatality product, to me its just a gimmick for the gimmicks.

Btw, Quake 4 is one poor poor game. Css was more honourable.

Long time user of OCZ products, and being someone that promotes OCZ or Corsair heavily to clients, i now feel forced to forget about the tainted OCZ lineup and seek another vendor. Mathematically, thats already a $300,000 loss per year for OCZ + the stupid amount they paid Fatality, and im sure theres others that boycott stupid products.

Dont get me wrong, im sure Fatality is a great guy in real life, but this situation is like asking a monkey that is good at circus tricks to give you advice on how to modify your rocket ship.
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