Monday, July 7th 2008

Scythe Launches Ninja 2 CPU Cooler

Cooling manufacturer Scythe has introduced Ninja 2, the new and improved version of its famous fanless Ninja CPU cooler. Now, before I start talking about the cooler I must admit that in Ninja 2 nothing has changed, at least by the outside look of it. It's the same old Ninja from the outside, but that's not what Scythe thinks. According to their PR, the new Ninja performs 5% better in fanless operation (TDP 65W at 25°C/77F ambient temperature) and 15% better in active cooling operation (TDP 130W at 25°C/77F ambient temperature) than the standard SCNJ-1100P Ninja. For good or for bad, the new Ninja still uses the original LGA775 retention mechanism, no bolt through kit again. The new Ninja is also compatible with Intel Socket 478 and AMD Socket 754 939, 940 and AM2/AM2+. Scythe Ninja 2 (SCNJ-2000) can be yours now for as low as USD $54.00 or Euro 30.95 excl. VAT. More information about the cooler is available here.

Source: Scythe
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8 Comments on Scythe Launches Ninja 2 CPU Cooler

~Technological Technocrat~
maybe they found better materials/elements that get mixed into the Alloys/metals that have less heat resistance???

If nothings changed but yet they claim it to be 15% better then the last one then why should i waste money upgrading to this one for the mysterious 15% performance boost??? would it not be cheaper to just grab a faster 120mm fan & slap it on instead???
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"NEW AND IMPROVED", but nothing changed, makes me thing of soap at the store.
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Bird of Prey
PR spin likely. They may have increased the copper in this or a better fan.
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there is a diffrence they have cut a square out of the four corners of the bottom 3 fins. should i take a hacksaw to mine to get this 15% boost in peformance there talking about ;/.

or maybe they have added three fins at the bottom with cutout corners. would that add up to 15% more fins i wonder
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Looks like they just increased the size of the copper pipes as well as spreaded them out further. Other than that its still huge. They really couldn't improve that design too much over the original.
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mystery solved my ninja has 23 fins and this new one has 27.
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The price on the Ninja was all over the place. $54 though is a definite move upwards. I got one of mine for $35.
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