Tuesday, July 15th 2008

Intel Said to Prepare Quad-core Mobile Processors for Launch Next Month

Intel is preparing the launch of new quad-core processors for laptops next month, Yahoo! News informs today. "We're bringing quad-core to mobile in August," said Sujan Kamran, regional marketing manager for client platforms at Intel in Singapore. Specifics of the forthcoming quad-core chips are missing, but Australian PC maker Pioneer Computers is already taking preorders for laptops based on an unreleased quad-core mobile chip. This CPU is branded as Core 2 Extreme QX9300 and is said to work at 2.53GHz. Pioneer Computers is now offering it in its DreamBook Style 9008 laptops for US $1,390, more than the laptop's basic price ($1,399) without the CPU.Source: Yahoo! News
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3 Comments on Intel Said to Prepare Quad-core Mobile Processors for Launch Next Month

ouch, the performance per dollar on that thing is dismal. but I guess to get that performance on the go, it will be worth it for the executive with too much money on his hands who wants nothing but the best lol.
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~Technological Technocrat~
hmmm this could be seen as a good idea.

for instance...

the CPU could be clocked lower, take up less power & yet still offer the same amount of processing power as a higher clocked desktop cpu.

but the ONLY problem with that is the lack of software that supports quad - but in a perfect world this woulda been ideal...

4xCores clocked at 1Ghz each also with the functions that the new T8xxx series cpus had where if one core wasnt needed it would turn itself off & overclock the other core to save power.

not bad at all. I think i may well hold back getting a new laptop in favor of getting one with these chips in it when the time comes. Its a bout time they bought out quad core for laptops
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:eek:No need for me to get that much processing power.... yet, I think I'll wait this one out till i can get a QC laptop for oh say.. under 2 grand, cause I don't think my pockets go that deep.

What should be really interesting is the power consumption, and how long the battery life will be. That's my main concern with this cause I hate having to be next to a damn outlet 24/7. I want to see more than 3 hours battery life.
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