Friday, October 24th 2008

HP Previews its All-In-One Multi-Touch PC

HP has been showing off its latest creation, the Touchsmart IQ518, an all-in-one PC with a 22" widescreen multi-touch panel. The expected launch price is to be around $1800 (US) and HP has said Pegatron Technology will be handling its manufacture. There have been no other details in terms of specification as yet but it is likely that systems such as this are preparing for the launch of Windows 7, as it has already been said that Microsoft will be implementing touchscreen technology as a key aspect of the upcoming OS.

Source: Digitimes
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All hail mighty Pegatron!

Ima wants to give some multi-touchin'.. not on the pc though.
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HP TouchSmart IQ775

$1800? I think that was the same launch price for their older HP TouchSmart IQ775. I bought one of those for my grandfather, he really likes it. It's going to cost the same as the HP TouchSmart IQ775, but have a lower model number? That's a bit misleading.
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Is that an actual tattoo? :eek:
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Easy Rhino
Linux Advocate
oh man, i have all sorts of witty things i could say about "touching."
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Sold my stars!
touching is great.. but sometimes you need to use a keyboard too -_-

this is like when an imac decides to have sex with an iphone -_-
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Bird of Prey
I really think this is one awesomely cool computer. Id get one just because of that :D
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