Tuesday, October 28th 2008

VIA Launches 'Global Mobility Bazaar' Program to Drive Mobile Computing Adoption

VIA Technologies, Inc, a leading innovator of power efficient x86 processor platforms today announced the 'Global Mobility Bazaar' (GMB), an innovative industry infrastructure program aimed at driving the rapid global adoption of affordable mobile computing devices.

Through the GMB program, VIA is partnering with over 15 GMB manufacturers and infrastructure partners in China on the development of a wide variety of mini-notes, netbooks, and notebooks based around VIA's ultra low power processor platforms.

Equipped with the Microsoft Windows XP operating system, these systems will deliver an optimized mobile computing and Internet experience across a variety of form factors with screen sizes ranging from 7" to 15".

"As the fastest-growing segment of the PC market, mobile computing offers significant opportunities for the members of our new Global Mobility Bazaar program," said Richard Brown, Vice President of Marketing, VIA Technologies, Inc. "We are excited to be partnering with them to develop a broad spectrum of devices that will meet the increasingly sophisticated demands of mobile users in both developed and emerging markets."

"We welcome VIA's initiative in developing a whole new ecosystem for driving ultra mobility further into global markets," commented Jack Lee, Vice President, OEM Greater China Region of Microsoft. "We see that the Global Mobility Bazaar will enable partners to provide a rich mobile computing experience built around the familiar Windows XP interface to a new generation of users around the world."

VIA Global Mobility Bazaar: Enabling Mobility in New and Emerging Markets

Launched at an event co-hosted Microsoft in Shenzhen, China today, the VIA Global Mobility Bazaar was established as part of VIA's long-term commitment to inspire innovation in mobile computing devices by sharing its leading-edge technology and expertise in power efficient x86 processor platforms.

More than 15 leading Chinese manufacturers are participating in the VIA Global Mobility Bazaar, as well as infrastructure partners SanDisk, American Megatrends (AMI), and ITE Tech.

A key focus of the VIA GMB program is to bring innovative mobile computing devices to fast-emerging markets around the world, as well as within China. These markets are among the fastest growing in the world and are developing a keen appetite for mobile computing.

Details on the VIA Global Mobility Bazaar may be found on the VIA website here.Source: VIA
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For the know, a "bazaar" is like a big town-market. The word is derived from Persian and is more often used even in English, in this part of the world, though I'm not sure why VIA used it.
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here when somebody says bizzar they have one of 2 meanings, a market/party(combo sort of) and bizzar used as another word for weird.

via's nano is looking very attractive, specly compared to the atom..........wish some companys would get some nano based netbooks out :/
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I really want to see a cheapass (sub $300) 11" - 14" notebook come to the market based on the Nano, because then I could afford one!
I hope this means more VIA notebooks, they usually always cost less than intel or AMD ones.
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