Thursday, October 30th 2008

Danamics to Launch its Liquid Metal LM10 Processor Cooler in November

Denmark's Danamics LM10 CPU cooler, the world's first commercially available liquid metal-based processor cooler, was reported today to have received a release date. The LM10 will land in Europe as of November 17th, but it will come in limited quantities. Outside of Europe, Danamics is still awaiting approval of its liquid metal-based technology, and after one is obtained the company can start selling.
Recently, Danamics engineers claimed to have developed a CPU cooler that will put to shame every air cooling solution available and most of the current water cooling kits. The LM10 has no moving parts and an unlimited mean time between failures. Inside is a yet-to-be-named liquid metal that's said to provide superior thermo physical properties and is circulated without moving parts thanks to a built-in electromagnetic pump. Expect more information next week.

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78 Comments on Danamics to Launch its Liquid Metal LM10 Processor Cooler in November

I'm the only one
It say 280 euros.
Associate explained that one European distributor will propose danamics LM10 for 280 Euros (Inc Tax).
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tigger said:
It say 280 euros.
Yes, but I meant that there is 200€ too much in that 280€ price. 80€ I'd be willing to spend on it if it really is better than all current air coolers.
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