Friday, November 14th 2008

Thermaltake Launches the Fanless 330 0dBA VGA Cooler

Thermaltake's newly released Fanless 330 VGA cooler is here, addressing the need for fanless operating graphics card coolers. The passive design of Fanless 330 offers the absolute quiet operation even for hot cards like GeForce 8800 GT or ATI Radeon HD 3850 series. It comprises of three heatsink modules, 106 cooling fins, four copper heatpipes and a mirror coated base. Half ot the cooling area lies beneath the card while the other half sits above the card, both are connected to each other via the massive heatpipes. The cooler weights in 260g and should already be available worldwide. For more information, be sure to check it out at the official Thermaltake website here. Below is the full list of supported graphics cards.

Geforce 9600GT
Geforce 8800GT
Geforce 8600 Series
Geforce 8500 Series
Geforce 7800/7900 Series
Geforce 7600 Series
Geforce 6600 Series
Geforce 6800 Series
Geforce FX 5900/5950 Series
Geforce FX 5700/5800 Series

HD 3850 Series
HD 2600 Series
HD 2400 Series
X1900 Series
X1800 Series
X1600 Series
Radeon X800/850 SeriesSource: Thermaltake
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10 Comments on Thermaltake Launches the Fanless 330 0dBA VGA Cooler

Awesome... if they had released it a year ago. :(
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Semi-Retired Folder
3 Slot coolers are worthless.
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Looks nice. I have no room above my vid card tho.
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the only 3 slot cooler worth a damn is the one on palits 4870 x2
to little to late for this cooler
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I wish it had GTX 200 support :(
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wow, that thing is big. it would be nice if a fan could be mounted on it, fanless VGA coolers arent as effective IMHO. I wonder how it would perform against an HR 03 series?
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Bird of Prey
If it's cheaper than the HR-03 cooler and will work in HTPC settings, it might be a worthwhile investment. OF course, It would be nice if it fit ATIs and Nvidias newer cards.
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If it fits a HD3850, then it should work on a 4850 also as they both have the same hole´s around the gpu??

Ps. I love that cooler, it looks like the only cooler really up for the job for total passive cooling. But I would still propably fit a fan on it. If it fits in my HTPC case that would be perfect.
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TT has had a video of this on youtube for a while now I think.
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