Wednesday, January 7th 2009

All-New Netbook Upgrade Center Announced

Lexar Media, a leading global provider of memory products for digital media, today announced the immediate availability of the new Netbook Upgrade Center for purchasing DRAM memory, Solid-State Drives (SSDs) and flash memory cards suitable for most netbook products now available in the market. Netbooks, simplified notebooks designed to be affordable, energy efficient, and smaller in size, are growing in popularity with consumers because of their practical price point and no-nonsense capabilities. The Netbook Upgrade Center will help customers optimize the performance of their netbooks with the right upgrades and accessories. The complete line of DRAM, SSD, and flash memory netbook upgrades are now available at, Crucial.UK, or Crucial.EU.

The Netbook Upgrade Center is a unique resource for netbook users, featuring's award-winning Memory Advisor and System Scanner tools, as well as online "how-to" videos and manuals for installation. Users can enhance their netbook system performance with guaranteed-compatible upgrade options for DRAM memory, Solid-State Drives and flash cards. Additionally, in a time of constrained budgets, users who upgrade their netbooks make an incremental technology investment that yields substantial gains in performance.

"The Memory ExpertsSM at have made it easy for netbook users to enhance their system's performance by offering upgrades and accessories that are guaranteed-compatible and affordable," stated Robert Wheadon, senior product manager at Lexar Media. "The award-winning Crucial Memory Advisor tool makes it simple to find a compatible memory upgrade and Solid-State Drive for almost any netbook in just three easy steps. Or, our downloadable Crucial System Scanner analyzes a user's netbook and automatically recommends compatible upgrade options."

For more information about the complete line of upgrades and resources available on the Netbook Upgrade Center, visit,, or Lexar Media
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