Tuesday, February 10th 2009

Lite-On Announces New 24x PATA and SATA DVD Writers

Influenced by the release of NEC's 24x SOC chip, optical drive maker Lite-On announced the upcoming release of three faster internal DVD writers. Capable of recording compatible blank DVD±R media at up to 24x speeds, the new models will be offered in both PATA/SATA interfaces, and with all of Lite-On's latest technologies. All drives will include Lite-On's new SmartErase technology that permanently erases all the sensitive and confidential data on discs.
The entry-level iHAS324 24x burner has a SATA interface and will be available in mid-March. The iHAP424 has a PATA interface and adds LightScribe labeling capabilities. It is also slated to ship in March. Last but not least, the iHAS624 returns to SATA and has the LabelTag capability in addition to LightScribe. With LabelTag users can create label tags on the data side of any blank recordable media. The remaining and not labeled space of the disc can still be written with data. The iHAS624 is expected to ship in mid-May.
Source: Cdrinfo
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Good news I guess. I hope they are quality units. I mean, I have plenty of CD-ROM drives and some early x2 CD-R drives, all from mid to late 1990s, that are still working just fine. And in the case of the CD-R drives, still burning CD, even after 1000s of burns. However, I have had three DVD-RW drives die on me in the last 2-3 years. All were made in 2005 or after. It seems optical drive quality ain't what it used to be. Heck, one of them exploded last year. A DVD-RW drive from Optiarc. (Sony brand.) One of the IC's just blew. Pretty loudly too. Insides looked like somebody used the flamethrower on the PCB. I never saw a IC blow up before. I've seen capacitors and MOSFET blow but never an actual IC.
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Bird of Prey
Faster faster faster. Id like to get overburn and over speed (not sure the word) on 2.4x media and get it up to ike 8x on DL.
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I would rather have a BURN HARDER feature rather than faster. I would like a burner that burns so hard that ANY CD/DVD drive could read it without a problem... just like a pressed (mastered) CD.

So many burned CDs are fussy in cars, CD players, or even other PC-DVD players. :banghead:
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diskt@too from Yamaha to Burn "Tags" on the Dataside
Lightscribe + SATA........
Now get quality up, price down and this will be the ultimate dvd burner ;-)

uh no no slot in arg, i hate trays
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