Friday, March 7th 2008

CeBIT 2009: Glacialtech

Glacialtech is also present here at CeBIT, with a small booth. But it is packed with a few nice new additions. There are two new notebook coolers, one called the X-Wing R1 and the other called Glacial Pad G1. Both are actively cooled and the R1 can be had with different color edges. It also has multimedia controls up front which use the USB connector to interface with the notebook.

The UFO V51 is now available in white as well as the original yellow color and Glacialtech is also introducing a new dual fan CPU cooler to extend the Igloo series. It is called the Igloo 5610 Plus and can also be mounted on the 1366 socket from Intel.

They are showing off a few new HTPC cases. The most intersting one is the T7, which is very compact, intended for ITX boards. There are no connectors in the front making it inconspicuous. Then - last but not least - they are also one of the few to show off an 80 Plus Gold certified PSU, which means that it has an efficiency of 90% or more at 50% load. It is available as a 800 or 1000 W variant. Source: GlacialTech
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3 Comments on CeBIT 2009: Glacialtech

Bird of Prey
These are the same guys who does Intels default coolers right?

Im not a huge fan of the funky sandwiched ufo deal.
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I dont like that UFO cooler... such a old idea...:shadedshu
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That ufo cooler will probably lack performance... And looks kinda horrific.

But 800 /1000W PSU's from Glacialtech?! And 80 Plus Gold certificate? I think Thats news. Wouldn't expect anything like that from GT!
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