Saturday, March 7th 2009

CeBIT 2009: A-DATA

There are a few things to see at the A-DATA stand. Let us start with the memory modules. The company has three different Tri-Channel kits on display. They range between 1800 and 2133 MHz. The latter comes bundled with a clip-on heatsink & fan top and A-DATA is running it at CL8. They are also offering DDR2 SO-DIMMs aimed at the Gamer market. These come in two versions. One runs 800 MHz at a tighter timing of CL4 while the other uses a mere 1.6 to 1.7V to operate at 800 MHz CL5.

They are also showing off the 512 GB SSD drive, which was announced just a few days back. A-DATA has started offering external enclosures with traditional hard drives as well. They use Hitachi and Toshiba units. The newest addition is an aluminum enclosure and is called NH92.

A-DATA is also showing off their newest Disney themed flash drive. These are only available in Asia at the moment, but they are working on getting them to other areas as well. Then, there is the S901, which has a capacity of up to 64 GB. While it is still larger than other drives, an upcoming die shrink will bring the S901 down in size to make room for a 128 GB version. Source: A-DATA
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Cold Storm
I like the 64gb flash drive... and the 128gb one that is coming!! So-dimm... sweet.
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Famous Hobo
I love this company man. They seem to impress me every time they come out with new stuff.
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A-DATA IS A TAIWANESE BRAND! They're always innovative!!
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