Monday, March 9th 2009

Head-Direct Prepares New IEM With Enhanced Materials

Experts in making personal audio hardware, Head-Direct, gave us a sneak peak into a new in-ear monitor (IEM) it is coming up with. Yet to be assigned a proper trade name, the IEM packs a clever use of materials that add to its comfort and performance, both of which are imperative in products of its class and market positioning. The IEM features a soft shell casing. It features a dynamic titanium driver with silver voice coils. The materials going into making the voice coil and the diaphragm correct some of areas where older versions of IEM by the company needed improvement. A possible downside of the design is that it manages a relatively less voice attenuation of 20 dBA. A list of preliminary specifications given to us is as follows:
  • In-ear design offers 20 dB noise-isolation capability
  • iPhone compatible 3.5mm mini-jack plug
  • Powerful 9mm Neodymium magnet drivers
  • Soft material structure offer same quality comfort as custom IEM
  • Cable-fit slider adjust the length of the cables
  • Titanium diaphragm and silver voice coil wire
Pricing isn't known as yet, but we don't feel it is going to be overly expensive, looking at the way Head-Direct prices its IEMs.
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Many Thanks to Frederik S for sending this in.
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I wouldn't even go near a headphone unless neccesary, the electro static or what ever you call it will kill my ears...
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Unimpressed with the 3D drawing
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+1 to frederick, one of the audiophile guys on the forum
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Frederik S
v12dock said:
Unimpressed with the 3D drawing
It is a normal 3D assembly from Pro Engineer. Of course you could make it pretty by doing a rendering of it, but what is the point you see all the pieces and how they interact.

And h3llb3nd4 what?
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This is great! If they say it won't be overall pricey then I guess they could push it into the consumer price to pwn the living hell out of Sennheiser and other additional Headphone or Audiophile market brands.
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